The shape of LED String lights is like a string. In addition, the main part of the product is LED.

Performance and Characteristics

1. The LED string lamp uses the light-emitting diode encapsulated by imported chip as the light source;

2. The lighting angle of LED string light is designed to be large

3.LED lamp series adopts the special constant voltage power supply mode of LED, and the circuit is designed as a constant current circuit, with stable working performance, so as to ensure the normal life lamp;

4. The LED string light has good color consistency, such as red, yellow, green, blue, white and warm white.

5.LED string lamp installation is convenient and fast. After one-time injection molding and waterproof treatment, the waterproof level reaches IP65.

6.LED lamp string can undertake perforated lamp string processing;

7. The LED string can achieve the effect of color jump, gradient, monochrome, full color flapping through the colorful and full-color controllers.

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